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The project consists of a multi-phased development of a recreation facility located on the traditional territory of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations along Airport road adjacent to the Long Beach Unit of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

A unique partnership between five First Nations, the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District, the District of Tofino, the District of Ucluelet and the West Coast Multiplex Society has been created to bring the project to reality.

The initial phase of the project will feature a full-size ice surface. Facilities would be provided with change rooms suitable for team use and bleachers. There will also be a family change area and a skate rental facility. The building will be designed and built to allow for the addition of a future swimming pool and potential additional amenities. In addition, there will be a reception area which would include a main entry, administrative offices and a small food service facility.

It should be noted that the use of the building is not confined to winter sports. Major community events, concerts, celebrations will be accommodated in addition to non-ice indoor sports.

Historical Timeline

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May 1995 Registration of the Long Beach Arena Society. Legally form a Society.
         2001 First meeting with Mayors of Ucluelet & Tofino, ACRD, Geoff and Russ Courtnall, Chambers of Commerce, Recreation commissions, Indigenous Leaders, and others. Discuss the option of a rink on our west coast.


         2001 Representatives from each of the eight communities, Chambers of Commerce, and others joins the Long Beach Arena Society. Gather members of all communities to work on the project.
  Sep 2001 First Annual Stick in the Mud golf tournament, which ran strong for 13 years. Community outreach and fundraising.
         2003 ACRD agreed to investigate into providing land on the Airport lands for a recreation facility. Secure land for the future project.
         2004 First preliminary feasibility study by DNA (David Nairne & Associates) including land use plan of current location on Airport Rd. Receive information on the community’s interest for a multiplex project and if viable.
   Jul 2007 Feasibility study by Nairne & Associates for aquatic centre and arena (RFP). Work Plan proposed to structure process; next step is to develop a Business Plan.
 Feb 2008 Changed name to West Coast Multiplex Society. Better reflect the purpose of the society.
 Sep 2008 Business Plan by Recreation Excellence & Project Capital Costs by Vic Davies Architecture (RFP). Create conceptual design of a multi use facility as well as estimate capital construction costs and annual operation costs.
 Dec 2008 Received our first CBT grant. Include covering cost of report necessary to obtain additional funding for additional reports.
May 2008 Registration as a Charity. Be able to write tax receipts for donations.
 July 2009 Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the 8 surrounding coastal communities. All eight communities agreed to commit their ongoing support for developing the West Coast Recreation Centre.
Nov 2009 Olympic torch relay rolls into the communities and official MOU signing ceremony. To celebrate locally the upcoming Olympics to Vancouver and our communities agreeing and supporting the Multiplex project.
2009/2010 Application into Kraft Hockeyville – Grant. Hoping to receive grant to support our project.
  July 2010 Created and presented new logo. Better represent the society new name.
2009/2010 Largest fundraiser for the Multiplex; draw to giveaway a truck, boat, and quad. Community outreach and fundraising.
Sept 2010 3-day Community Design Charrette on Multiplex facilities by WCMS & consultants as well as open discussions of various facility plans. Public consultation and discussions to seek inputs for design, planning, model suggestions and plans to date.
Dec 2010 Preliminary Design & Construction Services Report by VVI Construction Ltd. Determine preliminary costs of project including arena and pool.
2010/2011 First skate and swim trips. Offer the experience of skating and swimming to the members of our communities.
Dec 2011 Survey of community interest in Multiplex (including pools & ice sheet arena) on west coast by VIU hired by ACRD. Report concluded Multiplex project could have a positive impact on the community.

Early 2012, the project was determined too big to achieve all at once and was divided in phases: Phase 1: Arena, Phase 2: Pool & potential Phase 3.

July 2012 First Annual Saltwater Classic Fundraiser Fishing Derby volunteer participation and beneficiary. Community outreach and fundraising.
Aug 2012 Conceptual Site Servicing Plan & Budget by McGill Associates Engineering Ltd. Determine preliminary site servicing activities and costs (previous location).  The location for the Multiplex has moved since.
Aug 2012 Update Design & Project budget for Phase 1 – Arena by VVI Construction, in consultation with CEI Architecture. Update report for Multiplex project with only Phase 1 – Arena.  Phase 2 – Pool to be subsequent project.  
       2012 Letter from ACRD showing Analysis of Gold River and Port McNeill Arena Costs. Estimate annual operating budget based on similar size facilities to determine amount requested in referendum question.
Aug 2012 Letter from ACRD stating bylaw procedures to establish a service for the operation of the Multiplex facility. Moving forward with bylaw procedures and referendum question.
Nov 2012 Host open houses through out our communities. Poster. Inform community members on Multiplex project and referendum question.
Nov 2012 Referendum within Districts of Ucluelet, Tofino & Area C Long Beach conducted by ACRD.  Also, annual grants available to reduce operating and maintenance costs.  WCMS deemed responsible for raising all capital costs through fundraising. Referendum successful 63% – confirmed to recover a portion of the proposed multiplex operating costs from regional property taxes (only if needed); greater of $450 000 or $0.335 per $1000 tax value, to start one year after facility is operating.
July 2013 Renew & Re-sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from 2009. All eight communities agreed to the Multiplex location and funding proposals.
Sept 2014 First Annual West Coast Multiplex Scramble fundraiser golf tournament, taking over from the Annual Stick in the Mud golf tournament. Community outreach and fundraising.
Aug 2015 Geotechnical work done on all possible areas completed by Lewkowich Engineering. Based on geotechnical report, confirmation of land to be safe for intended use.
Jan 2016 ACRD & TFN (WCMS) MOU.  TFN to acquire $100 000 grant to see completion of a detailed Business Plan & Design Report for Phase 1 (preliminary design/construction cost estimate). The Business Plan & Design Report will be used by the WCMS to fundraise and apply for grants for the capital costs of phase 1.

Apr 2016 – Secured present location on ACRD land for future multiplex: On Airport Road, just before the airportOver many years, ACRD investigated a few sites on their land and this one to be the best location.

Apr 2016 Letter from ACRD that confirms best location and make location available for proposed multiplex facility. Secure land for multiplex at the Long Beach Airport road.
Sept 2016 Approve to hire Recreation Excellence to update Business Plan & estimate costs. Already familiar with project and region as completed 2008 Business Plan.
Dec 2016 Update Business Plan & Estimate capital and operational costs by Recreation Excellence, based on existing projects. Explore feasibility of Phase 1 – Arena: use, programming, operational costs & preliminary capital cost.
Jan 2017 West Coast committee approved process to undertake Design Report & directed ACRD to complete a community survey update on regional support. Obtain Phase 1 – Arena refine project planning & capital costing (Design Report) as well as update status on regional support for project.
Feb 2017 Toquaht Nation agreed to support the project and provide operating funds for the multiplex service as administered through ACRD. Toquaht Nation joins Districts of Ucluelet, Tofino & Area C Long Beach with providing possible operating funds if needed.
Apr 2017 Design Report by Vic Davies Architecture based on construction costs. (RFP) Develop schematic design for Phase 1- Arena and verify anticipated capital costs.
May 2017 ACRD staff and WCMS representatives met with Yuulu?it?ath government executive. Provide an update and invite them to join the project administered through ACRD.
Nov 2017 Survey of community support for Phase 1: Arena portion of project by VIU hired by ACRD. Update status on community support for Phase 1 – Arena project.
Oct 2018 Campaign Feasibility Study Report by Global Philanthropic Inc. Provide information and recommendations on potential community capital funding campaign.
Feb 2019 TFN (WCMS) apply for $18 000 000 grant. Cover capital costs of Phase 1 – Arena.

The West Coast Multiplex Society and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations on behalf of our eight west coast communities did not receive funding applied for in Feb 2019 from the Canada-British Columbia Investing in Canada Infrastructure program towards the capital costs for the construction of the Multiplex Phase 1 – Arena.  The grant application received great feedback from the provincial government and the Society will re-apply with a few suggested changes for the second intake Oct 2020.

Archived plans (2012 and previous)

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