Letter to the Editor

On Thursday, October 12, 2017, the West Coast Multiplex Society attended the presentation by the design/costing team of Vic Davies Architecture (VDA) in respect of the final layout and costing of the proposed Multiplex phase one Ice Arena and accommodation for future phases (pool, fitness center, etc.).

The detailed appraisal addressed the architects’ in-depth assessment of the proposed building, comparing standard “Pre-engineered buildings” with “Sprung” facilities. Both options have benefits and detriments relative to the west coast environment:

Pre-engineered can be more flexible for planned additions and have less rigid constraints on a fixed rectangular footprint; however, they require more on-site construction time in an area challenged by accommodating a construction team and inclement weather.

Sprung, while somewhat limited to a rectangular footprint, and expansion either longitudinal or at 90 degrees, offers ease of erection of the pre-formed aluminum structure in a shorter time-frame thereby minimizing the on-site time spent. (It was evaluated based on the success of a similar building at the Shawnigan Lake School).

The assessment determined that while there were specific costings provided by developers of up to 50% less than the VDA evaluations, they felt it necessary to work on the assumption of a worst case-scenario. As such, they offered a possible capital cost of up to $18M (construction, site-development and start-up costs).

While these figures are higher than the original assessment provided in the phase one business plan, the Multiplex Society has committed to funding this phase without any financial liability to the 8 communities within the area (other than, of course, any in-kind and tax-deductible donations by supporters of the project). Indeed, the Society believes that the achievement of the worst-case scenario funding will actually serve to create a surplus of monies available for the subsequent pool phase of the project.

A survey is being prepared to assess the current support of residents for this exciting project. More details will be forthcoming as the survey is finalised, and the Society will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard. (Information will be available on our webpage – www.westcoastmultiplex.org)

Your Multiplex Society seeks your support in bringing this 20-year dream to a reality.

Samantha Hackett on Behalf of the West Coast Multiplex Society