Letter to the Editor – Westerly News June 17, 2020


Did you know that we are waiting to hear back on a grant that could cover up to 100% of 18 million dollars of the capital costs to build Phase 1: Arena? Do you want to know what is the West Coast Multiplex project and/or its development?

“I was recently contracted on a part time basis for a year as Administration & Communications Manager for the West Coast Multiplex Society. My role is to support the WCMS’ operations and help bring more presence within our communities. It is important to the Society that residents are informed and well educated about this project and I am excited to join the team” Mishele Gagne.

Since Covid-19 is holding us from physically reaching out to the community, like many other organizations, we decided to go online. We started a monthly enews in April, and we add some of its content on our website as we go. These are two great ways to connect so we can better inform/update all west coast residents on this amazing project. So far we brought light to the arena’s usage with ice and dry floor possible activities/programs; Multiplex future location; historical timeline covering over twenty years of efforts including links to reports, letters and pictures; eight community partners of this complex and unique project. Our enews in the coming months will cover: Golf Fundraiser Sept 19, 2020; why fundraising; capital fundraising updates; arenas’ operational estimated budget for when the facility is built; status of Phase 2: Pool facility; and much more.

If you want to know more about this Multiplex project and its development, subscribe to our ENEWS on our website at www.westcoastmultiplex.org, email us at info@westcoastmultiplex.org or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WestCoastMulti. The West Coast Multiplex Society has been driven by dedicated volunteers for over twenty years and is seeking for more volunteers to get involved with either Phase 1: Arena or Phase 2: Pool facility. Join us!

Mishele Gagne, West Coast Multiplex Society.