The proposed West Coast Multiplex vision was developed through consultation with various local stakeholder groups. A unique partnership between five First Nations, the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District, the District of Tofino, the District of Ucluelet and the West Coast Multiplex Society has been created to bring the project to reality.

The West Coast Multiplex Society’s objective is to develop a regional recreational facility to serve multi-generational families and to meet the growing needs of our 8 west coast communities.

The initial phase of the project will feature a full size ice surface suitable for Hockey, Ice Skating, Curling, Fitness, Physio, Rehabilitation, Soccer, Wrestling, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Pickleball, Lacrosse, Roller Derby, Celebrations, Gatherings, Family Events, Community Events, Festivals, Corporate Events, Seminars, Meetings, Trade Shows, Concerts, and High Ground Emergency Shelter. The building will be designed and built to allow for the addition of a future swimming pool and potential additional amenities.

Since the referendum in 2012 securing the operating funds, the society has secured the land for a multi phased facility along airport road, and have the documents needed to support Provincial and Federal government capital fund requests.

It is the hope of the facilities’ organizers that the West Coast Multiplex will be used as a multi-use meeting place and wellness facility for individuals and families of all ages.

Equal emphasis will be placed on:

Community events and celebrations
Teaching and training
Recreation activities
Competitive events
A secondary benefit of the West Coast Multiplex is the possible use as a higher ground, emergency shelter.

A multi-use facility of this type does not currently exist in our area making it difficult to attract and keep families who desire a more active lifestyle supported by recreation facilities that are provided as a basic community service.

Intended beneficiaries are all community members from youth to seniors.

Who Will Use the West Coast Multiplex?

Nearly 8,700 West Coast Residents as well as many of our 800,000 plus guests the West Coast hosts every year!! Email us to get involved

Tofino-Ucluelet area communities population data:



The District of Tofino 1,932
The District of Ucluelet 1,717
Alberni Clayoquot Electoral Area C 677
Toquaht First Nation 32
Ittatsoo 369
Optisat 155
Esowista (129) & Ty-Histanis (302) 431
Ahousaht Nation 1,100
Hot Springs (44) & Hesquiaht (5) 49
Daily Visitors to Pacific Rim Nation Park Reserve 2,178
Total Catchment Area Population 8,640


The benefits of recreation and wellness to each individual and to communities have been well researched and documented.

Real benefits achieved through individual and community participation in leisure include:

  • Recreation and active living are essential to personal health;
  • Recreation is key to balanced human development
  • Recreation reduces self destructive and anti-social behaviour;
  • Recreation and parks are essential to quality of life;
  • Recreation and concomitant facilities build strong families and healthy communities;
  • Recreation reduces health care and social services costs; and,
  • Recreation and concomitant facilities can be significant economic generators.