Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.
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1. What is West Coast Multiplex project?
The West Coast Multiplex (WCM) is a community facility in the making — the dream of many passionate West Coast Vancouver Island parents, kids, sports enthusiasts, health professionals, wellness advocates, senior citizens, educators and business people from eight communities including Tofino, Ucluelet, the Ahoushat First Nation, the Hesquiaht First Nation the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, the Toquaht First Nation and the
Yuułu?ił?ath First Nation. When it is built — on designated land adjacent to the Tofino-Ucluelet Airport and Long Beach Golf Course — the proposed facility will serve multi-generational families who are interested in improved health and wellness through a variety of year-round recreational and educational activities.

2. Hasn’t the Multiplex been in the works for a long time?
First envisioned more than 20 years ago, the Multiplex has gone through several planning phases, each supported by varying degrees by the communities it will serve. As with all projects developed by multiple communities and supported by regional and local governments, the Multiplex project has finally reached a point in its history where it has acquired significant support from the West Coast communities it will serve.

The WCMS has received financial contributions from the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, Mainstream Canada, the Annual Stick in the Mud golf tournament and the Tofino Saltwater Classic fishing derby.

3. How has the plan for the Multiplex been scaled back from its original vision?
The plan for the WCM facility has been significantly scaled back from its original 2008 plan and will be constructed in phases to make it more affordable to build and manage. For example, the 2008 plan included a swimming pool in the first phase. The scaled-back 2014 plan calls for only an ice rink, fitness facility (if funding allows) and supporting amenities to be built in Phase One.

4. How much will it cost to build the Multiplex and how will construction be funded?
Construction cost for the West Coast Multiplex Phase One (ice rink, fitness facility and supporting amenities) are estimated to be approximately $6 million. It has never been the intention of the West Coast Multiplex Society to burden local taxpayers with the facility’s construction costs. Instead, the Society and its supporters are actively seeking financial support from the Provincial and Federal governments in the form of support grants and stimulus packages, and from non-governmental sources such as corporations, private donations and business opportunities.

5. What was the Referendum?
A Referendum is an opportunity for British Columbians to take part directly in the political and legislative process. Referenda are votes in which registered voters are asked to express their opinion on a matter of public interest or concern. Registered voters indicate their opinion by marking a ballot in response to one or more questions.

In November, 2012, the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) conducted the Multiplex Referendum which asked Area “C” (Long Beach), District of Tofino and District of Ucluelet voters if they are willing through a property tax levy, to support the establishment and operation of a service for public recreation and community use including a multiplex facility – estimated in ACRD studies not to exceed $450,000 annually.

Voters were presented with the following Referendum question on November 24:

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District


WHEREAS the West Coast Multiplex Society is committed to raise all the funds necessary to engineer, design and construct a multiplex facility on the West Coast.

AND WHEREAS the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District has been requested to establish and operate a service for public recreation including a multiplex facility on the West Coast.


Are you in favour of the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District enacting Bylaw E1056, West Coast Multiplex Service Area Establishment, 2012 to establish a service area within Electoral Area “C” (Long Beach), the District of Tofino and the District of Ucluelet, to operate a public recreation facility for community use, including a multiplex facility,  with an annual maximum requisition limit of the greater of $450,000 or $0.35 per $1,000 of taxable value of land and improvements?

The West Coast Multiplex Referendum passed with a significant majority of Votes (679 to 395).

6. What will the facility’s operating and marketing costs be and how will they be paid?
While the West Coast Multiplex will collect revenue from a variety of sources (including year-round sports tournaments, conventions, non-resident/visitor daily usage fees, meeting space rentals, sponsorships, advertising and third-party lease arrangements), the scaled-back West Coast Multiplex Phase One is expected to operate at a deficit of up to approximately $200,000 per year.

The West Coast Multiplex Society has secured the interest and involvement of the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) Area C to help determine how this operating cost deficit will be paid. The ACRD, which represents all the communities that the Multiplex will serve, has reviewed and approved the “West Coast Multiplex Feasibility Report”.

Residents will not be taxed on the deficit however, until the facility is build and has been in operation for a year.  Only the deficit amount will be spread over the entire tax base each year.

7. Hasn’t the West Coast Multiplex been fundraising already? How was that money spent?
To date, the West Coast Multiplex Society and community supporters have raised over $400,000. These funds have been used to develop a business plan, feasibility study, conceptual drawings and site preparation documents, marketing activities and website development.

8. In addition to the ACRD, who supports the Multiplex development?
The West Coast Committee of the Regional District (including Area C Director Tony Bennett, Mayor Josie Osborne, and Mayor Bill Irving) voted unanimously to support the March 27, 2012 motion to proceed to Referendum for operating cost support for Phase One of the West Coast Multiplex.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by all eight communities (Mayor and council, and Council and Chiefs) in 2014 indicating support for the project.

In addition to local and regional health and wellness advocates, residents and business owners, the West Coast Multiplex concept has been publicly endorsed by:
· National Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, Hereditary Chief from the Ahousaht First Nation.
· MLA for Alberni-Qualicum, Scott Fraser
· MP for Alberni-Nanaimo, Dr. James Lunney.
· The NHL’s Willie Mitchell and Brendan Morrison whose Tofino Saltwater Classic Fishing Derby has raised more than $100,000 to support community initiatives including the Wickaninnish Community School, Tofino Salmon Enhancement Society, Tofino Parks and Recreation Program, and the West Coast Multiplex Society. In 2012 the Saltwater Classic donated $7,500 to support the West Coast Mutliplex. See a complete list of endorsements.

9. Where do I get more information?
This website is the best place to stay apprised of WCM information. In addition, feel free to send an email with specific questions: info@westcoastmultiplex.org.

10. How do I get involved?
There are a number of ways to show your support for the West Coast Multiplex including:
· Write a letter of support explaining why the Multiplex is a “must have” for the West Coast of Vancouver Island and send it to us at info@westcoastmultiplex.org or MLA Scott Fraser at Scott.Fraser.MLA@leg.bc.ca
· Tell your friends and neighbours, every chance you get about the benefits of the Multiplex to our communities.

11. Who will own the West Coast Multiplex?
Current plans and discussions call for the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) to own the facility.
· Send us an email with a short support statement if you would like to add your support.